Robotic Process Automation

Digital transformation continues to advance at lightning speeds and organizations across all markets are seeking ways to optimize the experience their users and employees have when interacting with information from a variety of systems and sources. Task Automator, the RPA offering from IDT and Hyland, helps to improve the end user experience and accelerate digital processes by automating laborious, manual, rule-based, and repetitive tasks where human touch does not add business value.  If you look around your organization, you will find many examples where RPA can be applied.

The concept and the process are relatively simple to explain. Task Automator learns by recording how your end Digital image of a business manusers perform their repetitive processes and then leverages a digital user (robot) to perform the same process going forward. This RPA capability natively extends the Content Services and ECM suite of integration and process automation tools like Workflows adding “Process Storyboards” for automating tasks across our products as well as your existing applications that are originating from third parties or your own internally developed applications.

By creating a digital RPA workforce, Task Automator:

  • Increases business process efficiency and accuracy: A bot can perform clicks and keystrokes certainly faster and more accurately than any human, without getting tired, taking breaks or needing to multitask or prioritize activities. The bot works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no overtime pay is required, no workers compensation premiums or health insurance is required. Bots won’t call in sick and won’t take vacations and you don’t pay payroll taxes – at least not yet 😉
  • Improves information security and compliance: Think about data privacy for a moment. Accessing and processing sensitive data without human involvement reduces the risk of exposure and enables defensible audit trails and chain of custody.
  • Improves human capital utilization: Moving employees from the repetitive and unexciting tasks to higher-value business activities can help improve engagement and reduce employee churn. Repetitive tasks are ideal for a bot, not so much for people. Task Automator works at the level of the user interface, simplifying integration between systems, and requiring low to no-code configuration. This allows business groups the agility to easily deploy new bots as business needs evolve, and frees up IT resources for more demanding initiatives.

Here are some practical examples of where RPA’s should be considered and can be leveraged:

  • Going to external websites or web portals to grab the same information over and over on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. RPA’s lets you automate website login process, navigating through screens to get to key information, then download data/documents and rinse and repeat the process as often as necessary.
  • Repetitive data entry. Because RPA’s have the capability to recognize patterns and because it can recognize and convert text into editable and searchable machine-encoded text, RPA’s have the ability to drastically reduce the need for manual data entry.
  • Bridging the gap where application features may lack in your line of business system that result in assigning the job the software should do to a human. Let’s face it, your main line of business application likely lacks some feature or capability, requiring you to bridge the shortfall and subsequently assign the manual task over to an employee to perform the work.
  • The dreaded “Stare and Compare.” Screen scraping, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and basic pattern recognition technologies enable data extraction from almost any format, reducing the need for keying in data.\

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