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Alaris document imaging products and services meet real-world customer needs. From innovative IoT Smart Connected Scanning Solutions featuring INfuse powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, desktop, mid-volume, and high volume document scanners, and multi-purpose network scanners, to integrated imaging technologies that convert digital files to film and back, they’re meeting the business demands of your digital world.

And, all this is backed by a World-class service organization unmatched in the industry.

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anydoc by hyland

Accelerate business processes with AnyDoc by Hyland Software (makers of OnBase) advanced document, data capture, and classification technologies and solutions to streamline accounting and other business processes for their clients. Recognized for its ability to eliminate manual data entry and automatically capture data regardless of where it is located on the page, AnyDoc®INVOICE™ incorporates its own AnyApp™ Technology to enhance efficiency and processing speed. AnyApp provides a better way to capture invoice data, including line-item details, and its unique memory technology remembers where the captured data is located the next time that particular vendor’s invoice is encountered—further speeding processing.

With OnBase AnyDoc, companies have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor costs annually and tripled productivity without adding any additional staff. AnyDoc by Hyland Software offers award-winning solutions, setting the industry standard since 1989. Clients include Colonial Bank, Fastenal Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, BlueCross BlueShield, the U.S. Census, LeasePlan, Coop, and more.

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Brainware Intelligent Capture provides classification and extraction capabilities through document learning with minimal configuration. Three pre-configured solutions are available that include engines already trained in capture for particular document types. Brainware for Invoices is the preferred capture tool for Invoice capture when line item detail is required and data validation is needed from AP systems. Brainware for Transcripts and Brainware for Remittance provide automated capture for those documents. Transact business faster, reduce costs, and delight customers. Documents play a crucial role in business.

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Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine with Brainware Intelligent Capture. Hyland’s industry-leading data extraction software pulls key information directly from paper and electronic documents faster and more accurately than other technologies, without requiring templates, anchors, keywords, or zones. Brainware Intelligent Capture forms a complete document processing system that combines automatic document classification, extraction, and validation, as well as archiving and uploading of data into many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This advanced, intelligent capture technology uses machine learning and enhances the accuracy and speed of any process that requires more than the standard character and form recognition of traditional OCR—all in a comprehensive package that delivers results from day one.

Accounts Payable invoices are easily captured directly into OnBase, from anywhere they arrive in the organization. They are routed and queued for processing by a centralized processor, without further regard for layout or configuration. Many invoices will proceed automatically for payment processing, or approval, as required. Only discrepant or incomplete invoices need to be reviewed or manually processed.

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CapsysCAPSYS® is a leading provider of document, data, and document capture solutions designed to streamline the process of acquiring structured or unstructured documents and information helping our customers go fully digital to transform their business. CAPSYS provides Web-based data and document capture solutions via an HTML5 Web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.  Additionally, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE provides robust email message capture along with attachment capture and processing using an optional component called EmailGateway.  The company’s primary product, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, can easily and efficiently capture documents for organizations of any size and volume from anywhere at any time in both centralized and distributed document capture environments. CAPSYS CAPTURE is available as a traditional “on-premises” deployment, subscription-based “on-demand” (CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE) hosted in either Microsoft® Windows Azure Commercial or Azure Government Edition Datacenters.

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CAPSYS is led by Content Services and enterprise content management (ECM) industry veterans with decades of combined experience selling, supporting, implementing, and developing world-class solutions from the industry leaders such as Oracle® (Stellent/Optika/Captovation), Microsoft®, Kodak®, OpenText (Captaris/IMR), Hyland OnBase®, FileBound®, ABBYY®, and Kofax®. With this experienced management team, CAPSYS provides affordable, easy-to-deploy document capture solutions in a completely Web-based environment through its national network of channel partners such as IDT.

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Sales contracts, new bank accounts, tax documents, loans and rental agreements and more all require documents to complete the transaction. DocuSign accelerates these often manual, paper-based processes by helping companies complete them online from start to finish. Only DocuSign can securely automate workflow, collect information, take payment, and let you sign everything, everywhere so you can transact business faster, reduce costs, and delight customers.

Established in 2003, DocuSign is the pioneer in electronic signatures and the world’s leading digital transaction management solution. With more than 50 million customers, DocuSign serves more individuals, small and medium businesses, and U.S. Fortune 1000 companies than any other service provider. Employees at 99 of the U.S. Fortune 100 have used DocuSign to accelerate the speed of business. Why? DocuSign improves business results by managing all aspects of documented business transactions in the cloud, connecting companies of all sizes to their customers, partners, suppliers, and employees so they can transact business in confidence.

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Ephesoft available from IDT is the leading developer of supervised machine learning-based document capture and analytics solutions in the cloud or on-premise. Organizations use Ephesoft’s platform to automate any document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. Ephesoft’s core product Ephesoft Transact turns the world’s unstructured content into actionable information.

Ephesoft’s solution has dramatically accelerated critical business processes like purchases, mortgage approvals, background checks, invoice processing, and other transactions that have traditionally been ridden with manual data entry and time-consuming work. The patented supervised machine learning algorithms have transformed process efficiencies, reducing as much as seven times the hard costs associated with invoicing. Similar strides have been made in mortgage processing, which can have as many as 600 types of documents to recognize and categorize.

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Ephesoft Transact is a smart document capture solution specializing in ingesting, image processing, classifying, extracting, validating, exporting, and delivering documents. It does this regardless of the format or input method (e.g., handwritten forms, email, scans). Ephesoft Transact is the only smart capture system that supports seamless integration with third-party ERP, CRM, ECM (Content Services), RPA, and other back-office programs to be document-capture enabled through Web Services APIs. Once a document is in digital format, Ephesoft’s software reads it and classifies it in the way the company wants it organized. The platform is built on open-source, flexible architecture with fast, easy implementations on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Ephesoft Transact offers an app and Mobile SDK for capture on the go.

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OnBase by IDT and HylandDigital Signatures from Hyland Software allows users to digitally sign OnBase documents with certificate-based signatures to ensure their authenticity and integrity. Digital Signatures use cryptographic procedures to determine whether a document has changed in any way since the signature was applied, making certain the document remains secure and unaltered. Through its tight integration with OnBase Workflow, Digital Signatures can be applied as an additional validation measure during any approval process.

The OnBase Integration for DocuSign eSignature allows you to electronically obtain signatures from people outside of your organization by providing complete management of processes that require secure, electronic signatures in the cloud. The integration manages the signature cycle within OnBase by automatically packaging documents and relevant signer information, sending this information securely to DocuSign, and collecting the completed documents. Obtain important signatures faster with the OnBase Integration for DocuSign eSignature.

-> Learn how to onboard our documents into OnBase by Hyland software using the industry’s first IoT Smart Connected Scanning solution powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE exclusively offered by IDT.

The Signature Pad Interface integration with Hyland OnBase electronically captures signature images from signature pads or touch screens, allowing users to sign documents within OnBase. The ability to sign documents in real-time can accelerate many business processes, including approvals, order receipts, or policy acknowledgment. Signatures are permanently burned onto the document and changes are tracked, providing a secure and unalterable record of the captured document signature.

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KofaxSince 1994, IDT has been an authorized reseller and integrator for Kofax and today serves as a Kofax Platinum Business Partner. For more than 20 years, Kofax has provided award-winning solutions that automate document-driven business processes by managing the capture, transformation, and exchange of business-critical information from paper, fax servers, and electronic formats in a more accurate, timely, and cost-effective manner.

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Kofax offers an unmatched range of document capture and forms processing capabilities, including support for both centralized and distributed operations; individual desktops and enterprise infrastructures; basic archival scanning and powerful data extraction; sophisticated document classification and separation; process management and reporting; and connections with a wide variety of document scanners, document management systems, invoice processing systems, and enterprise systems. Kofax solutions provide a rapid return on investment to thousands of customers in financial services, government, health care, business process outsourcing, manufacturing, and other markets.

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SharebaseIDT can provide your organization with its own custom-built signature solution that can be used securely both internally and externally using ShareBase Enterprise File Sync and Share services from Hyland Software.  Use ShareBase and IDT’s custom signing services to serve the needs of your remote workforces, Board Member approval and signature processes, PO requisitioning, and much more.  Signing PDF documents is made simple using ShareBase and custom solution design services tailored to meet the needs of your organization from IDT.

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