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IACO Fall Conference

Come see IDT and Panasonic this year at the IACO Fall Conference in Peoria, IL!  IDT will be showcasing on-premises and cloud-based content service solutions from leading software companies such as Hyland OnBase, CAPSYS CAPTURE, Microsoft Azure Government Edition, and capture hardware solutions from Panasonic. Learn about our case management, public records/FOIA, plan review, ESRI/GIS (and much more), solutions designed to meet the needs of county government officials and their constituents.

The Brainware Difference Webinar: What’s Inside Makes the Difference

Presenter(s) – David Luzier

Brainware is a highly advanced intelligent processing software that can super charge your business by driving down manual labor costs, eliminate FTE’s, and speed processing of vital business transactions by performing document identification and extracting key data elements for you automatically from scanned paper and electronic documents. With technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence based algorithms, it can introduce new levels of advanced technology into your business. During this session, the speaker will be “lifting up the hood” on this amazing tool and explain why it’s different than others on the market and what allows it to be so accurate and able to scale from thousands up to hundreds of millions pf pages per year.

ShareBase 101 and Why it’s Even Better with OnBase and Perceptive Content Webinar

Presenter(s) – Sara Rossmiller & Brady Giles

With ShareBase, you can securely store and share confidential information and collaborate with users inside and outside of your organization. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

Learn how ShareBase extends the power of your OnBase or Perceptive Content solutions, and discover industry-specific use cases across the verticals. The security of ShareBase in the Hyland Cloud means that even the most demanding industries can improve their processes using ShareBase.

New CCM Product: Meet Content Composer Webinar

Presenter(s) – Colin Toomey & Uwe Zimmermann

Content Composer is a powerful CCM platform that creates and manages personalized communications and provides omni-channel delivery. Designed to integrate with enterprise applications and office productivity software, Content Composer features impressive creation, distribution, and management tools that improve efficiency and productivity while strengthening the lines of communication between your organization and your critical contacts. Learn more about Content Composer and its roadmap – including its roadmap with OnBase – and see a live demo in this interactive session.

Hyland’s Platform Modernization Webinar: What is the value to my organization?

Presenter(s) – Mike Askren & Justin Carlson

You have been hearing about Hyland’s vision for modernizing our technology platform. What does this mean to you and your organization? What will concepts like these mean for your IT environment and the staff that support your existing products? How do these concepts compare and differ to the development and deployment methods used within our existing platform to date? We will discuss why we are modernizing our content services platform along with the value to you and your organization. This session will explain how your organization will continue to receive the value you expect while benefiting from the incremental modernized elements we will be introducing to our platform.

Accessing Organizational Insight through Enterprise Search Webinar

Enterprise Search is a web-based application that provides secure, unified information access to an organization’s content across diverse enterprise systems. Join us to learn how Enterprise Search can help users in your organization rapidly find and access the information they need and then take action – completing a task, solving a problem, responding to a customer or advancing a business process.

Scan Anywhere with OnBase Distributed Capture Solutions Webinar

Presenter(s) – Ray Gerwig

A great starting point for anyone looking for distributed capture solutions. We will describe your options for distributed scanning and providing remote capture and indexing for different areas of your organization. Our discussion will also include methods for capture and indexing, as well as products for both high volume batch scanning and ad-hoc document capture. We’ll look at Unity Scanning, Disconnected Scanning, Front Office Scanning, Express Scanning, and options for scanning on Multi-function (MFP) devices.

Migrating to the Hyland Cloud Webinar: Not for the Birds

Presenter(s) – Ben Hatch, Patty Gajewski & Tori Ballantine

Join this session to learn more than simply why you should consider migrating your OnBase solution to the Hyland Cloud, but how it actually works when you do. Learn about database conversions, deltas, and the dos and don’ts of migrating your enterprise information platform. Cloud experts present the value of migrating to the Hyland Cloud and how we manage the process to be as pain-free as possible.