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Webinar: Overcome the Top 5 AP Challenges

Accounting departments have always struggled with the accounts payable invoice problem. Invoices flow inbound in a constant stream, from all types of sources: email, paper, portal uploads, fax, etc. With processing costs reaching close to $14 per invoice, the manual sorting and management of these streams can lead to inefficiency and several key challenges for accounts payable teams.

You’ll learn about:
• The 5 top challenges faced in AP invoice processing
• How a combination of Smart Capture and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can eliminate these challenges in a short demo
• Reducing processing time and costs

“Accelerating Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud Processing” Webinar

See first-hand how Ephesoft’s leading new hybrid cloud solution, Cloud HyperExtender, accelerates digital transformation efforts by processing documents at lightning speed, augmenting the document separation and data extraction processes.

You will learn:

  • The differences between on-premise, cloud and hybrid capture solutions
  • How to incorporate the efficiency and performance of cloud computing into your capture strategy with a hybrid cloud solution
  • The benefits of hybrid cloud capture for vertical industries with seasonal peaks for document processing demand like P&C insurance, retail and others