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"CapSys Capture’s Web client has provided Ty a cost effective solution that has allowed us to expand production capture throughout our organization without giving up any of the functionality we depend on."

Jim Gio - Ty, MIS Project Supervisor
Integrated Document Technologies, Inc., Computers - Sys Designers & Consult, Itasca, IL National Federation of Independent Business

Managed Storage Services and Storage Solutions

Secured Storage Area Networks and Managed Backup and Disaster Solutions from Trusted, Leading Innovators

IDT is pleased to offer Unitrends, a leader in enterprise-level data protection, offers the #1 all-in-one backup solution for virtual, physical and cloud. Building on over 20 years of industry firsts, Unitrends continues to lead the market. Unitrends is used by IT professionals for backup of their virtual and physical servers and for performing disaster recovery to remote locations or to private or public cloud. Unitrends not only continues to set the standard in virtual and physical server data protection, but its US-based support team boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate, further reinforcing its reputation for quality.

Contact IDT today, learn more about Unitrends.

ProStor Systems provides industry-leading solutions for the cost-effective, long-term storage of digital information. ProStor's RDX® removable disk technology is sold by leading server manufacturers Dell, HP, IBM, and others who combined have shipped over 80 petabytes to 165,000 customers worldwide as of October 2009. ProStor InfiniVault® is the most cost-effective storage system for the long-term retention of data and images. ProStor InfiniVault integrates information management software, online disk, and RDX removable disk to simplify retention management while automating disaster protection and regulatory compliance. This intelligent storage system is replacing optical, tape, and disk in healthcare, document imaging, financial services, digital video archive, service provider, and government markets.

ProStor InfiniVault

ProStor InfiniVault is the most cost-effective storage system for the long-term retention of data and images. ProStor InfiniVault integrates information management software, online disk, and RDX removable disk to simplify retention management, while automating disaster protection and compliance. ProStor InfiniVault includes RDX removable disk and provides all the access and performance benefits of online storage with the economic benefits of offline storage. This enables organizations to dramatically slash the cost of storing and protecting data that is critical for them to retain. By retaining data on a ProStor InfiniVault, users can reduce their overall storage costs.

ProStor InfiniVault - DICOM

The ProStor InfiniVault - DICOM system solves the problem for storage and long-term retention of medical images. It can protect from technology obsolescence by storing images in the DICOM format and using RDX® removable disk cartridges that have a 30-year archival life and allow for usage of higher capacity disks as they become available, with no system changes required. Unlike usage of other technologies such as tape - media and drives - which must be totally replaced when a tape drive technology change occurs (average cycle is 6 years), or non-removable disk systems which must be replaced every 5 years, or optical devices where the drive to read the optical platters is no longer manufactured and the storage capacities are comparatively small, the ProStor InfiniVault - DICOM system protects from the expense of technology obsolescence.

Please select from the following options to learn how ProStor InfiniVault can add immediate value to government users:

RDX Removable Disk Storage

ProStor Systems is the inventor of RDX removable disk technology. RDX provides businesses smart, simple, safe, speedy data protection at an affordable price. . The RDX® removable disk system is designed to protect your valuable information. An RDX system consists of a rugged, removable disk cartridge and an RDX dock. When the RDX cartridge is inserted into the dock, the system backs up data just like a tape drive. The media, which includes a 2.5-inch mobile disk drive housed in a shock-proof casing, can be safely archived for 30 years. The system is designed to backup over 100GB in an hour and retrieves files in milliseconds.

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Plasmon provides the storage industry's most comprehensive line of professional automated libraries, optical drives, media and software. Customers include corporations, institutions and government agencies worldwide and are backed by global service and support.

Plasmon's product line includes:

  • Ultra Density Optical (UDO): Based on ultra density, blue laser technology, UDO is the recognized successor to 5.25 inch MO (Magneto Optical) storage and is available in both Rewritable and true Write Once media formats. 30GB UDO, offering more than three times the capacity of 9.1GB MO, at one-fifth the cost, is the first generation in a roadmap stretching to 120GB.
  • G-Series Professional Optical Libraries: Supporting both UDO and MO media configurations, G-Series Professional Optical Libraries offer an impressive capacity range and unmatched robustness and functionality. They are scalable from 24 to 638 slots and 720GB to almost 20TB with 30GB UDO media.
  • D-Series DVD Libraries: Configured with Multi Drives for maximum media flexibility, D-Series DVD libraries are ideal for cost-sensitive archival storage environments. They are also excellent for consolidating DVDs scattered across an organization, creating a centrally managed and more easily accessed DVD archive. D-Series libraries scale from 80 to 2,175 discs with storage capacities ranging from 564GB to more than 20TB.
  • 12-inch Optical Drives and Libraries: Plasmon's 4th generation 30GB 12-inch TrueWORM patented dual-headed drives offer 30GB of data under head, the highest capacity of any optical drive. These drives read and write both sides of 30GB media simultaneously, yielding fast response times and offering the fastest transfer rates in the industry. Plasmon's 12-inch technology is ideal for applications requiring fast access to huge data sets. Permanent, unalterable and secure.
  • V-Series Tape Libraries: Plasmon Tape Libraries include flexible configurations designed to protect your storage investment. Designed with the end-user in mind, critical components are located in the front of the machine for quick and easy addition or replacement of drives and power supplies, reducing service time and costs. The scalability of the V-Series provides near-line native storage capacities from 1TB to 10.2TB. Currently available with the next-generation LTO Ultrium tape drive technology in our libraries and choice of AIT or LTO in our autoloaders, Plasmon provides data rates ranging from 54GB/hr to 364GB/hr.
  • Diamond: Diamond storage management software transforms Plasmon UDO/MO/DVD/CD Libraries into cost-effective virtual hard drives, accessible via a drive-letter and network share. Archive to rewritable media or direct write to write once media for legal admissibility. Diamond's web-based GUI makes system administration easy. Diamond auto-detects and configures itself for Plasmon Libraries, providing easy local or remote administration via its powerful web-based GUI.

International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that the demand for enterprise storage capacity is growing 75% every year.

The tremendous growth can be attributed to:

  • e-mail messaging
  • eCommerce
  • Document imaging
  • Digital media files
  • New government regulations

Whether you need a 24-slot jukebox for basic storage needs, a disk-based WORM solution to help with new compliance regulations, or want to explore new IP SAN technology, IDT can provide you with the secure, scalable solution to meet your organization's unique storage needs.. StoneFly Networks is the innovator of a new generation of IP-based storage provisioning appliances that quickly and easily transform Ethernet networks into cost-effective IP SANs. StoneFly IP SANs are designed to give IT professionals a simple, intelligent, yet affordable entry to the benefit of storage area networking. High-quality RAID storage options are available from 1TB or larger.

Combining an iSCSI router and bridge with the power of a storage provisioning engine, Storage Concentrators are installed at the core of the network to provide advanced storage management, business continuity, and disaster recovery planning functions, including volume management, FailOver, mirroring (local and remote data replication), and data migration, as well as disk-to-disk and tape backup. By utilizing Ethernet network infrastructure, Storage Concentrators allow simple, intelligent, and affordable SANs that do not require specialized expertise to install.

  • Scalable IP SAN configurations from entry-level to high capacity
  • Affordable storage that can be increased as your data grows
  • Modular configuration protects your investment - add only what you need
  • Enterprise class features and functionality with a cost effective, expandable package
  • Web-enabled user interface allows for central storage management over any standard web browser

Integrating SANs with mainstream IP networking places manageable shared storage solutions within the reach of every enterprise, large or small. By removing barriers to distance, device support, and protocols, the convergence of networking and storage provides a firm foundation for constructing IP storage networks today that will accommodate the evolving storage needs of tomorrow.

Respond to the increase in regulatory legislation and heightened scrutiny surrounding preservation, retention and management of electronic records. IP SANs, can meet the growing storage requirements for e-mail, while also serving the archiving and regulatory requirements of many industries.

The benefits of IP SANs include:

  • Simplified implementation and ongoing maintenance
  • Increased return-on-investment over traditional SAN architectures
  • Enterprise-level availability, scalability, and management
  • Disk-to-Disk backup and restores for speed and ease of administration
  • An easy growth path as storage requirements increase
  • Meets many of the regulatory requirements for disk-based archival/retrieval

IP-based storage provisioning appliances that enable real-time management and optimization of new and existing storage assets. Shipping since June 2002, Storage Concentrators have been installed across key vertical markets, including insurance, healthcare, education, government, financial services and manufacturing.

Request the white paper: "Unleashing the SAN in your IP Network." EMC Corporation's Centera content addressed storage ( CAS ) solution.

EMC Centera represents an entirely new software-driven storage architecture specifically designed to address the unique information storage requirements of fixed content such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts, corporate records, e-mails, and other business transaction-related documents and information.

The world's first disk-based WORM (Write Once, Read Many) solution, EMC Centera provides users of IDT's solutions with a complete, secure solution for the management and protection of their company's important business records.

Used in conjunction with IDT's Records Management and Corporate Compliance Pilot Packs, EMC Centera Compliance Edition meets the requirements for SEC Rule 17a-4, DoD 5015.2, and 21 CFR Part 11. With Centera Compliance Edition, Compliance Officers and IT administrators can leverage all the basic benefits of a CAS solution, plus the compliance-focused features of information retention and disposition enforcement. Centera has intrinsic hardware and software controls that enforce information retention and authenticity at an individual record level. To ensure absolute information integrity, Centera enforces immutability and retention protection at the microcode level.

With the EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) solution, you get:

  • Fast, affordable online access to your fixed content assets. You can easily store and retrieve vast amounts of digital fixed content and be sure of its authenticity and integrity.
  • Optimized to address regulatory needs and corporate governance. The new EMC Centera Compliance and Compliance Plus Editions are purpose-built to enable compliance with the most stringent regulatory requirements.
  • The world's first complete storage solution for fixed content requirements. With EMC Centera, you can manage massive amounts of fixed content at lower costs. Centera meets your requirements for random access and simultaneous use.
  • Cost-effective scalability. As your information assets grow, you can bring 3TB or more of fixed content online with EMC Centera. You can expand your network to petabyte-level capacity - easily, non-disruptively, and cost effectively.
All types of fixed content have three common attributes: long-term value to an organization, the need to remain unchanged, and increased value through fast access with assured content integrity. The EMC Centera network-based storage solution is designed to deliver all three while economically scaling from multiple terabyte to petabyte-sized environments.

Request the white paper: "Centera Compliance Edition: Understanding and Addressing the Challenges of Compliance and Discovery"


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