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"The simple log in, scanning, and transmission steps best met our customers’ needs. For the bank, implementation was also easy and went quite smoothly, taking only about one week to complete."

-Bill McGuckin – Second Vice President, American Chartered Bank
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Faxing Solutions from CAPSYS CAPTURE

CAPSYS CAPTURE Fax and Captaris Work Together
CAPSYS CAPTURE FAX automatically captures faxed documents received by the OpenText (formerly Captaris) server and sends them via the Internet to the CAPSYS CAPTURE Server for release to any back-end enterprise system for archiving or further processing.

CAPSYS CAPTURE Fax for Rightfax works by monitoring Rightfax mailboxes within the fax server for inbound fax jobs. When a new fax job arrives in a monitored mailbox, the fax images and other information, which can include DID (Direct Inward Dial) number, originating fax machine phone number (ANI) and/or cover page, are handed off to the CAPSYS CAPTURE Fax input module and acquired via FTP by the CAPSYS CAPTURE Server for processing.

One of CAPSYS CAPTURE' powerful features is the ability for the CAPSYS CAPTURE Server to dynamically assign a profile to an inbound fax job based on its fax DID. A profile applies customized behaviors to the batch of images and information. Also, the CAPSYS CAPTURE Server can automatically map DID, ANI, fax ID information directly to the index fields of the enterprise system receiving the batch of faxed documents.

Once the CAPSYS CAPTURE Server receives and processes the fax batches, they are released to a workflow, document imaging, data repository, or other enterprise system by the appropriate CAPSYS CAPTURE Server eXtension release module.

Operational Note:
The CAPSYS CAPTURE Server software resides on a computer running Windows Server 2008 or greater, and operates as a Windows Server service. The CAPSYS CAPTURE Server requires a dedicated machine when fax volumes exceed more than 250 faxes per day.

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