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"Thank you ALL for an excellent job on this project. Burwood Group is proud to have you as a strategic partner on current and future endeavors. We truly appreciate your professionalism and expertise.

- Kimberly Cazalet
Business Development Manager
Burwood Group, Inc.
Integrated Document Technologies, Inc., Computers - Sys Designers & Consult, Itasca, IL National Federation of Independent Business

Mid Market Financials/ERP

The concept behind Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a single software program running off a single database that allows a wide range of company divisions to easily communicate with each other. Rather than support individual standalone software for each division, the ERP software program is divided into software modules that are linked together in order to facilitate the sharing of information. In this way, each division can “see” what is transpiring elsewhere in the company. The result is a streamlined flow of information that can greatly improve operational efficiency.

IDT has partnered with Microsoft and various third party ISV organizations and offers Microsoft Dynamics series of products to help our customers with improving their overall operational efficiency. IDT provides exceptional value and services centered around:

With more than 40,000 customers in a wide range of industries, Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven itself as a flexible, powerful business management solution. But despite its long track record, it still sets the standard for innovation, with powerful tools for creating insight and efficiency across your business.

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For small to mid−sized companies, Microsoft Dynamics™ GP provides access to decision−driving information with powerful financial and process applications that are easy to use and personalize. In addition, this package delivers an integrated set of proven global business applications and custom services that integrate business processes, no matter how complex. Standard and optional modules that are available include:

Compare Competitive ERP and Financial Software and switch to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your business may currently use ERP and Financial software from other vendors like Sage, NetSuite, Oracle, Peachtree, QuickBooks, or you may wonder how they compare to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Making the decision to switch your company′s financial management system requires research and foresight. Discover why businesses using other business management software have made the switch to Microsoft Dynamics. Click here to get the competitive analysis from Microsoft.

Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP

Interested in testing out Microsoft Dynamics GP right from your PC browser (IE 6 or later)?
We′ve built a virtual desktop so you can explore the fully−functioning environment or use step−by−step instructions to try out different new features.

Learn about availability of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud
Learn how to Image Enable Dynamics GP with ERP Connect
Learn more about Remote Deposit Capture and Check Imaging
Inside Dynamics GP Blog − Direct communications from the Dynamics GP Product Group via RSS feed
Contact IDT to learn more about Mid−Market offerings from IDT and Microsoft Dynamics!

Extending the Benefits and Capabilities of Dynamics GP with Industry Specific Industry Application Expertise

We understand the supply chain and accounting challenges facing organizations. This expertise helps us bring innovative products and services that introduce new business processes into Microsoft Dynamics® GP arena. The result is an accurate, streamlined workflow that integrates critical information with your business management solution.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH MICROSOFT DYNAMICS GP — Many of the Microsoft partner products that we have teamed up with are created using the Dexterity® development environment to ensure seamless compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The result is a common look and feel with Dynamics GP and an easy upgrade path as future versions of Dynamics GP are released to the marketplace.

ChargeBack Processing provides deductions management capability for cash receipts processing to meet the needs of wholesale distribution businesses. You can enter and edit customer defined remittance adjustments prior to the posting of cash receipts. These entries record the monetary adjustments you need to close invoices during the cash receipts process, and are categorized to allow subsequent analysis.
  • One−step entry or import of chargebacks during Cash Receipts processing
  • Automatic creation of Accounts Receivable documents for unapproved chargebacks
  • Configurable allow/disallow rules for chargebacks based on adjustment types and customers
  • Complete drill down and inquiry capabilities
  • Support for National Accounts
    Remittance Automation for EDI 820 documents available with GP Advanced Compliance
Container Management adds functionality for importers, including manifest entry and vessel tracking, providing you with all the tools you need to track the purchase and receipt of imported inventory items. You can enter container manifests and process the receipt of all container items in a single window. This allows you to have complete information about purchased items.
  • Complete manifest entry and tracking, including in−transit tracking of containers and their contents
  • Allows receiving of all container items in a single step
  • Freight−On−Board (FOB) receiving of goods before they arrive at your loading dock
  • Allows drop−ship manifests for containers imported directly to customers
  • Landed cost apportioned by cube for individual PO receipts
  • Container optimization in units of volume and/or weight
SOP Auto Invoice automates the sales order transfer process, and provides automatic invoice printing and posting capabilities to streamline any distribution business. You can automate the transfer, invoice printing, and posting processes. This automation removes tedious manual processes from your customer service staff, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.
  • Automatic transfer of orders to invoices by SOP Type ID
  • Setup options to allow automatic creation of backorders, invoice printing, and invoice posting
  • Supports integration with credit card processing.
    Now integrates with Credit Card Advantage from Nodus.
Sales Configurator allows you to create and sell customer−specific configurations. Configurations can be placed on sales order documents as SOP kit lines, individual sales order lines, or can be designated as an assemble to “order” configuration to be assembled with the BOM module.

You can set up configuration item choices and define business rules. A graphical representation of the product structure, available options, and selected options is displayed during order entry.
  • Automatic pricing calculation based on configuration choices
  • Configuration rules ensure properly configured products are sold
  • Multiple configurations levels up to ten levels deep
  • Retains “as built” configurations for support purposes
SOP to BOM Link associates sales documents and assembly orders. Assembly orders can be generated from within Sales Order Entry or you can associate existing assembly orders with a sales document. When an assembly transaction is posted, associated sales order lines are allocated and fulfilled. You can automatically allocate assembled items to the backordered sales orders. SOP to BOM Link eases the process associated with assembling items for specific orders.
  • Assembly transactions can be created from backordered sales lines
  • Assembly transactions can be associated with a sales document line either manually or automatically
  • Backordered Assembly Items Report displays all orders that are awaiting the item on the assembly transaction
Disassembly BOM lets you issue finished goods to be disassembled and returns component items back to stock. Component items and quantities reclaimed for an order can deviate from the standard Disassembly BOM. You can disassemble items and return component items back to stock. You can also reverse erroneous assembly transactions.
  • Ability to maintain any number of disassembly bills for the same assembly item to support multiple revisions
  • Manually enter a Disassembly BOM or import it from the BOM module and modify it as needed
  • Components may be added to or deleted from a Disassembly Order manually at order entry time
QualityCount provides the most robust physical inventory functionality available for Microsoft Dynamics GP. QualityCount provides the detailed, controlled methodology, with full tag control, expected by demanding material control and auditing professionals. Optional modules for RF Wireless, Palm Pilot, and Pocket PC barcode data collection facilitate even faster inventories. With QualityCount, full physical inventories and cycle counts can be performed while other business activities continue. Optional data collection devices can also be used to complete inventory counts.
  • Ability to use either On−Hand or Available quantities as the book value
  • Import utility allows counts to be imported from any device
  • Items can be counted using an alternate unit of measure
Serial Number Edit enhances the serial number tracking capability of Microsoft Dynamics GP to include drop ship items, and allows editing of serial numbers for all items sold or in stock. You can enter the serial numbers of drop ship items before or after you process an invoice. Serial numbers on drop−ship POs linked to sales documents automatically update the corresponding items.
  • Easily enter/edit serial numbers for:
    Drop ship items on posted and unposted invoices
    Items on drop ship POs
    Items currently in inventory
  • Enter serial numbers on customer invoices, regardless of whether the items are drop ship items
Freight Matrix provides the capability to define freight charges based on ranges of order totals or shipping weight, for user−defined shipping zones and methods, and applies these charges as orders/invoices are entered. You can define and maintain your own freight charge schedules for use in your back office order processing and eBusiness applications.
  • Allows definition of freight charges based on order total or shipping weight, using combinations of Site, Ship Zone or Postal Codes, and Ship Methods
  • Supports Ship−To by line item functionality when calculating freight
  • Quote different freight options and select a shipping method based on comparing available options
HazMat adds the capability to associate hazardous inventory items with the official Department of Transportation (DOT) CFR TABLE 172.101 data. Additionally, it calculates passenger and cargo shipping quantity limits based on your item unit of measure schedules. You can access information to make informed shipping decisions for hazardous item transport. This information will help you ensure compliance with regulations published in the DOT CFR Table 172.101.
  • Inventory item classification with DOT CFR 172.101 information, including hazard classes, packing groups, UN ID numbers, and proper shipping names
  • Access to DOT shipping restriction information, including shipping quantity and method
  • Update utility allows updating of CFR 172.101 table when released by the DOT
SOP Price Level Roll−Down enhances the price level capability of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Standard functionality allows price level modifications during SOP document entry and applies these changes only to subsequent line items on the document. SOP Price Level Roll−Down extends this functionality by allowing the price level changes to be applied to previously entered line items on the document. You can save time by automatically applying price level changes for customers during order entry, rather than modifying each line.
  • Applies price level changes to previously entered line items during SOP document entry
  • Eliminates need to modify each line item on customer order for price level changes
Blue Moon’s Warehouse Management Integration solutions help your back office work more effectively with your warehouse, improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Warehouse Management Integration allows seamless integration with a range of automated fulfillment systems, from basic shipping to full−featured warehouse management. An open protocol for document exchange ensures these systems require no programming specific to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Important distribution enhancements are also included for Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can release orders to the warehouse system for processing, and later receive the document for final processing in the back office. You can also communicate to your distribution team via extended data elements integrated with sales and purchase orders.
  • Accurately manage orders and their release to the warehouse
  • Communicate special instructions to the warehouse for orders such as fulfillment, store names, EDI, bill−to, ship−to, picking, price label, and receiving information
  • Enter hazardous materials codes for inventory items
  • Obtain and review track and trace information for all items shipped
  • Support for complete integration with EDI/ASN
    Warehouse Management Integration is a proven product that integrates with Warehouse Management Systems from industry leaders to bring you the following integrated solutions:
  • Accellos WMS for Microsoft Dynamics GP from Accellos
  • Integrated Logistics Solutions™, built on Microsoft®.NET from Manhattan Associates
  • Visual Warehouse from Kare Technologies
Budget Ledger provides complete audit trail for budget modifications. Setup options allow you to manage the type of transactions and posting rules for each user. Comprehensive inquiry and reporting allows you to analyze every aspect of your budget, including changes made and commitments. You can edit budgets using transactions and post the modifications individually or in a batch.
  • Increase, decrease, and transfer budget transaction types
  • User−specific budget editing rules
  • Complete drill down and inquiry capabilities
  • Ability to post budget modifications individually or in batches
Advanced GL Close provides the capability to select additional segments when closing to divisional account segments in Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can close multiple retained earnings accounts at the same time. This provides additional flexibility to any organization that utilizes multiple retained earnings or fund balance accounts.
  • Extends the year−end close functionality of the General Ledger module by increasing the number of divisional accounts segments you can select to four
  • Track net changes in retained earnings/fund balance accounts at the multiple segment level to meet the needs of your organization
Enhanced Voucher Selection provides a robust method for voucher selection in Payables Management. The user is presented a list of all documents available for payment, based on the selection criteria. The user arranges the list using sorting options, selects the documents for payment, and creates the check batch. You can streamline your voucher selection process while viewing the information you need to make informed payment decisions in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Provides the ability to select and edit all open vouchers for all vendors from a single window
  • Supports seven sorting options and default document sorting and marking
  • Use check stub inquiries to view documents associated with checks
    Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dexterity are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Accellos WMS is a trademark of Accellos Inc.
California DE 542 provides a complete method of tracking and reporting independent contractor information to comply with the California Independent Contractor Reporting Law. You can record independent contractor information and generate reports that provide the information you need to submit to the California Employment Development Department.
  • Allows you to identify contractors that are subject to DE 542
  • Provides the capability to print state−compliant contractor earnings reports
  • Magnetic media support


Streamline the processing and approval of vendor invoices and associated transactions in a cost−effective way with IDT’s IPM! From retail, manufacturing and higher education firms, to health care and financial services sectors, IDT’s IPM offers a complete payables solution that includes software, workflow processes and implementation, for a set price.

Increase productivity and data integrity Reduce time−consuming dual data entry Enhance levels of customer and vendor service Gain significant processing efficiencies

IDT's IPM minimizes the cost and maximizes the ease of implementing a payables solution in three key areas:

  • Capture, storage and retrieval of accounts payable data, documents and reports
  • Automation of critical business processes to drive efficiency
  • Collaboration between internal and external resources

Document and Data Capture — a robust and scalable front−end capture solution

  • Content Management — manages all business transaction information, including scanned documents, faxes, HTML, XML, electronic forms, EDI, e−mail and line−of−business data and reports
  • Workflow — sophisticated workflow that enables payables organizations to automate common accounting processes – such as data entry and purchase order matching – and deliver the appropriate transaction information to internal groups and external vendors and customers
  • Application Link — allows companies to extend their existing line−of−business applications through complementary modules to ERP systems

Webcast Replay: AP Metrics You Can't Afford to Miss! Imaging and Workflow vs. Paper
You will learn how to improve your AP operations, realize a rapid ROI on your investment, while streamlining processes.

If you are looking internally to identify ways in which you can squeeze cash from operations – or at least get a better handle on its flow, potentially save thousands per year by implementing imaging and workflow in your AP department, then please review this four part educational video.

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